Poetry Competition

Our literary imprint, Fox Raven Press, will be having a poetry competition that starts on March 31st, 2024 The poetry website is The Next stop End Stop and will be where we post the winning poetry. The website will remain the digital home For the winning poems.

The poetry competition submission fee for 2024 is £12 for each poem. More information will be posted on The next stop end stop website.

The Launch date for the competition is March 31, 2024 & the deadline for submissions to the poetry competition is June 30, 2024.

The next stop end stop poetry competition

End February Update 2024

Working on Proof of Concept for Another Asset

I started working on a digital asset for female investors to purchase and develop for their retirement. The concept allows them to create a steady income stream but requires maintenance. I have to figure out how much is needed for them to maintain their investments.

February 2024 Update

For GoeswithJeans.com / GWJ , I’m taking a few courses for certification in the UK. I’m in London for part of the week and working at a shared workspace. Today, this is the view from my desk.

Trefuly Adds London Focused Websites

This year, we will be working remotely from the London area as we work on Goes with Jeans.

Two websites we are working on are London-desk and Trefulondon. At this time, the websites will be supporting Goes with Jeans until we have a proof of concept to attach to them.

Two other websites purchased for Goes with Jeans focus on assets and will be developed later in the year.