Trefuly LTD is Located in Edinburgh, Scotland and focuses on Digital Media Projects.

Current Projects:

Brand Development Sites

GWJ | GoeswithJeans

Fitness-Storey | FS |- Daily Guides for Health and Fitness (will be available by day or by month. The launch date will be shared on both Instagram and the website )

Business Advisory & Product Sites

Firmsme – SME business Launch Co.

AH | AnnHorstkamp Digital Media – Office Friendly Digital Images

Social Media Content Creation (Types of Content Created)

Instagram – DailyDiaryNote – Creating Original Content.

Instagram – Fitness_storey Sharing original content to Facebook and from Website. Will announce the launch of the Daily Guides.

Instagram – goes.with.jeans – developed for the website to show up on Google (goeswithjeans) and draws traffic to website when images/videos are posted

GWJ | GoesWithJeans

A Fashion Forecasting Focused website with Instagram feed. goes.with.jeans – Currently building site content and position on Google.


Storey Tarris is a UK based creative and one of the founders of Trefuly LTD. Our focus includes:

  • Advisory Services
  • Business Forecasting
  • Digital Content Creation
  • Eurofusion Culture

Project Updates

New Project for Trefuly – Fitness-Storey.com

Now that Covid Lockdowns are over, we are starting Fitness-Storey. The Fitness storey project focuses on healthy living through online day guides which will be available on the website. (Fitness-storey.com). The site is online and is a WIP. The website and Instagram feed for the website will announce the launch date of the guides.