1. Purchase the product and wait for the payment to clear.
  2. Download the product. You will have three places to download TrefulyLines™
    1. Download from Etsy Listing
    2. Download from Etsy Email sent to your Email Account listed as your email for Etsy.
    3. Download from your personal Etsy Download page on your Etsy account.
  3. Print on your own paper (Size A5 or if you use Size A4 and cut it down to an A5.)
    1. Locate the pdf files you downloaded from Etsy.
    2. Print Actual size to get the most accurate print of TrefulyLines™.
    3. Do not choose Auto-scale or fit. Those settings will distort the image.
  4. If printing on larger size paper, cut your image out to put inside your daily journal. You are not required to cut the image out. You may print it on an A4 paper and use the remainder of the paper to print your thoughts after doing the mindfulness exercise.


  1. Find a pen that makes you happy when you use it.
  2. Use this pen to draw your TrefulyLines™.
  3. Take your time and draw a line as slow as you can around the abstract.
  4. Record the time it took you to draw the line.

Journaling with TrefulyLines™

  1. Print a TrefulyLines™ page and paste it into your daily Journal as part of your mindfulness training.
  2. Find a pen you like to draw lines with in dark blue or black.
  3. Set a stopwatch and record how long it takes for you to finish drawing the line.
  4. Work up to spending 15 to 30 minutes a day drawing TrefulyLines™ in your journal.


  1. We encourage you to use a.5 to .7 pigment pen. We experimented with felt pens and found .9mm to work well. You will find it harder to draw a detailed line with a larger marker. We encourage you to experiment and find the pen that works best for your mindfulness exercise and journaling experience.
  2. TrefulyLines™ avoids pencils for mindfulness drawing. Pencils give you the option to erase the lines and we don’t want you worrying about a perfect line. If you stray away from the edge of the abstract, go back to where you missed and continue drawing your line.
  3. If you finish the exercise and want to go back over the line again, we encourage you to do this. If you want to see an example of this please visit
  4. TrefulyLines likes using black pens but you may use any colour you like. The goal is to take your time drawing the line around the abstract design.