Trefuly Code of Ethics

The Trefuly Coaches Code of Ethics (hereinafter called: the Code) establishes the principles and rules of conduct that Certified Trefuly Coaches shall at all times follow in fulfilling their professional responsibilities as Trefuly Coaches and in order to preserve the dignity of, and respect for professional coaches.

2. The basic principles are contained in the solemn oath that every Trefuly coach takes when beginning his or her professional coaching activity. These principles must be a component part of each Trefuly Coach’s own conscience and belief.

3. The Coach’s relationship towards his or her client, other coaches, and other advisory professionals shall be determined by the coach’s role as a professional advisor offering professional level services.

4. In his or her appearances, speeches, public and private appearances and in general any situation appearing as a representative of the coaching community, a Trefuly Coach shall always consider the requirements of professional and general culture.

5. In fulfilling his or her professional responsibilities, a Trefuly Coach shall behave in such a way as to gain and maintain the trust of their clients, other Trefuly Coaches and other advisory professionals in the community.

6. A Trefuly Coach shall fulfill conscientiously all his or her duties that arise from the Coaching profession and preserve the reputation and the dignity of the profession both at work and in his or her private life. 

7. A Trefuly Coach shall manifest conduct that is an example of humanity, respect, human dignity and progressive efforts in recognizing and fostering basic human rights and freedoms.

8. A Trefuly Coach shall offer advisory services to their clients, using only the means that are in accordance with the law, with the dignity of an advisory profession that are not contrary to the attorney’s conscience.

9. In representing a client, Trefuly Coaches shall preserve his or her independence.

10. A Trefuly Coach shall not accept jobs that are incompatible with their advisory Role and could damage their independence and reputation and the integrity of their coaching profession.

11. A Trefuly Coach shall not use his or her previous job or office to attract clients or encourage  clients to believe that because of such a job or office, the needed advisory services provided by the Trefuly Coach will be more effective.

12. A Trefuly Coach shall constantly renew, broaden and improve his or her general education by attending specific courses to update their knowledge of the Trefuly program and strengthen their advisory skills.

13. A Trefuly Coach shall expand his or her scope of activity only by using the means that are in accordance with ethical standards and the reputation of the Trefuly coaching profession.

14. It is against the dignity and the reputation of the coaching profession to act disloyally when offering advisory services, and in particular to:

– belittle other professional advisors;

– claim good connections;

– Offer services outside their scope of expertise;

15. Trefuly Certified Coaches shall be permitted to:

  • Advertise their services
  • Promote their Trefuly Certification in their designated fields of coaching

16. Professional Trefuly coaches who are written about or talked about in the mass media in a way that is contrary to their position as a Trefuly coach have an obligation to respond and state their position disassociating themselves such statements.

17.  If a certified Trefuly Coach works with clients in another country other than the one in which they live, they will make clear to their clients that he or she is based in a specific country and that she must act in accordance with the rules of law of their country in regards to confidentiality, intellectual property and any other law that applies to their work as a professional coach.

18. The Code also contains rules whose violation constitutes a disciplinary violation of the duty and reputation as a professional coach.

19. Unless otherwise determined by law, and this Code, a competent disciplinary body made of professional coaches shall determine whether the violation of a rule from the Code in a particular case represents a disciplinary violation of the duty and reputation of the coaching professional.

20. A violation of a rule from the Code that does not represent a disciplinary violation of the duty and reputation of the coaching professional in general shall be examined by the Executive Committee of Trefuly or by a competent advisory board. Such committees or boards will inform the professional coach of its opinion and warn him or her about the possible consequences of the violation.

21. The provisions of the Code expressly applying to professional coaches who work alone shall be applied in the same way to professional coaches who work in larger practices.

The provisions of this Code that expressly apply to certified Trefuly coaches shall accordingly be applied to all staff training as Trefuly Coaches under the certified coach.


22. A certified Trefuly Coach shall preserve the confidentiality of any information acquired from a client or otherwise while rendering advisory assistance. A Certified Trefuly Coach must conscientiously determine what client information needs to remain confidential.

23. A certified Trefuly Coach shall exercise reasonable care to ensure that the confidentiality of such information be preserved by other people working in his or her coaching practice.

24. Confidentiality applies to all documents, recordings, computer data, pictures and similar materials and deposits kept in the coach’s office that have not been specifically authorised for use by the coach for research or marketing purposes.

25. Confidences or information acquired in the course of rendering advisory assistance to a legal person or a public body must not be used against the client.  A Certified Trefuly Coach shall not use such confidence to the disadvantage of another coach.

26. A Certified Trefuly Coach shall not disclose any information about the matters entrusted to him as long as such confidentiality is not violating the rule of law.

27. The rules governing the obligation of protecting a client’s privacy rights shall be applied accordingly to employees and other Trefuly coaches working in the same office and/or having access to the client’s files.

28. A Certified Trefuly Coach shall expressly state in their work contracts with staff (contract of employment) that the violation of the client’s confidentiality is a ground for the termination of employment (severe violation of responsibilities).

29. Revelation of confidential information is permitted only upon the clear consent of the client.


30. Faithfulness to the client is the Certified Trefuly Coach’s main duty. 

31. A Certified Trefuly Coach shall exercise all his or her professional skill and conscientiousness to represent a client and render his or her advisory services without delay or hesitation. Therefore, when undertaking a representation, a Certified Trefuly Coach must use proper care not to, because of excess work, jeopardize timeliness, thoroughness and conscientiousness when exercising his or her professional duty. A certified Trefuly Coach who is approached by too many clients should direct them to other Certified Trefuly Coaches.

32. A Certified Trefuly Coach shall render advisory services to a client who approaches him or her and may refuse to offer advisory services as long as the reasons do not violate anti discrimanation  laws.

33.A Certified Trefuly Coach may refuse a client’s request for advisory services only for important reasons, such as overload, insufficient knowledge in a particular coaching field, and the client’s incapacity to pay the fee.

34.A Certified Trefuly Coach who has a conflict of interest may refuse to represent a client and if he or she is willing to undertake such representation, his or her client must be informed about the acquaintance in advance.

35. A Certified Trefuly Coach may refuse to provide advisory services, if:

a. he or she or any other Certified Trefuly Coach who worked or still works in the same office advised the client and provided advisory services or received instructions from the client;

b. if he or she worked with a professional coach as a trainee who offered services to the client; 

c.what the client seeks is wanton or clearly against the coaches code of ethics.   

36. A Certified Trefuly Coach who renders advisory services to two or more parties must cancel the representation of either of them if a dispute among them arises in connection with the rendered advisory services.

38. A Certified Trefuly Coach who cancels representation shall represent the client until the client finds another coach, but not longer than 30 days from the cancellation of the Coach-Client relationship.

39. A Certified Trefuly Coach shall not cause unnecessary costs to the client.  All Costs shall be outlined for the client with alternate options made known if available.

40. While representing a client, a Certified Trefuly Coach shall not identify himself or herself with the client but rather preserve the integrity and dignity of their role as a professional advisor.

41. A Certified Trefuly Coach shall advise the client conscientiously, using all the necessary skills to do so.

42. If a Certified Trefuly Coach provides advisory services to a number of clients who share confidences, it is his or her duty to conscientiously protect the interest of each of them no matter which one of the clients pays for the services.


43. A Certified Trefuly Coach shall conscientiously fulfill all his or her obligations towards Trefuly and shall respect, preserve and increase their reputation and contribute to their increasingly successful work.

44.A Certified Trefuly Coach shall attend Trefuly meetings, the general meetings in particular, and shall, with his or her active participation, contribute to their successful work. 

45. To be elected to any body set up by Trefuly ought to be an honor for every Certified Trefuly Coach, and he or she may refuse the appointment only if their own health conditions make work in these bodies impossible.

46. A Certified Trefuly Coach shall strive to successfully nurture and develop correct relations among Certified Coaches. 

47. A particularly severe violation of the Certified Trefuly Coach’s duty is:

– not to apply the decisions of the applicable Trefuly Advisory Board;

– to submit false reports to Trefuly;

– any wrongful written or oral communication with Trefuly;

– not to fulfill, or to fulfill irregularly, any financial obligations towards Trefuly.


48. Due respect for the profession obliges every certified coach to have a correct and loyal relationship with other certified coaches and to show professional solidarity. Such relations must not have a negative impact on the conscience and determination of an certified coach when representing his or her client. 

49. If a Trefuly Coach is approached by a client represented by another Certified Coach, it is his or her obligation to inform the latter if they decide to become the coach of the client.

50. A Trefuly Coach shall treat other coaches with due respect, to avoid belittling or slighting him or her in any way. A Certified Trefuly Coach shall not personally assault another Coach or unnecessarily involve him or her in a dispute.

51. All Certified Trefuly Coaches, shall help another Certified Trefuly Coach by offering professional opinion and advice in a confidential manner.

52. A Certified Trefuly Coach shall accept assistance from other Certified Trefuly Coaches in rendering advisory services when deemed necessary by Trefuly.

53. A Certified Trefuly Coach, who turns to another Certified Trefuly Coach for substitution shall, upon acceptance of the client of the substitution, deliver on time the necessary data, documents and instructions related to the requested substitution.

54. A Certified Trefuly Coach should not refuse to receive correspondence from Trefuly or from another Certified Coach or return correspondence unopened. 

55. Unless the Certified Trefuly Coaches reach a different agreement, the substituting Certified Coach shall receive the amount foreseen for fees as agreed to in the initial Coach-Client Agreement.


56. In order to create capable coaches, Certified Trefuly Coaches are advised to accept capable and diligent graduates interested in a career in coaching.

57. A Certified Trefuly Coach must be aware that coach trainees are colleagues and future advisors and will therefore determine his or her attitude towards them accordingly.

58. Certified Trefuly coaches shall offer their trainees the possibility of acquiring advisory practice and knowledge and must therefore make an effort to make the practice diverse and the knowledge thorough.

59. Coach training must not be carried out along with some other job. A coach trainee shall carry out their training seriously and not as a sporadic practice. Any assistance towards fictitious training shall constitute a serious violation of the performance of the coaching profession.

60. A Certified Trefuly Coach shall conscientiously supervise the work of his or her trainees.

61. Certified Coaches shall pay due attention to making coach trainees familiar with this Code and any applicable laws.

62. A coach trainee shall keep the confidences and secrets of the clients and the office in which he or she works. 

63. If a conflict arises between a Certified Trefuly Coach and his or her trainee, they must try to solve it alone or with the mediation of through available dispute resolution.

64. If a conflict arises between a Certified Trefuly Coach and a trainee who does his or her training at another coaching firm, the Certified Trefuly Coach should discuss this with Trefuly to ensure a smooth transition of the trainee between firms.


65. A Certified Trefuly Coach shall strive to keep his or her office and the working style worthy of the reputation of the Trefuly Coaching profession.

66. A Certified Trefuly Coach shall maintain an orderly and timely record of all clients, develop a storage system and accurate files so that both the coach and the client are always able to check the data maintained by the coach. A Certified Trefuly Coach shall always, in accordance with the Trefuly and without delay, be able to provide the necessary information about his or her work.

67. A Certified Trefuly Coach shall be responsible for the work of his or her coaching practice.

In a joint coaching practice, all coaches shall be responsible for monitoring the work of their colleagues in their office.

In a larger coaching practice, the coaches who are members shall be responsible for the work of their employees and their trainees.

68. A Certified Trefuly Coach shall be particularly conscientious and punctual in his or her financial operations. A Certified Trefuly coach is not allowed to commingle a client’s money with his or her own and must always be in a position to pay out such money and will maintain a bank account to hold client retainers.

 69. It is prohibited to use or keep money which has been given to a Certified Trefuly Coach for a certain purpose, for any other purposes; – extend the right of retention for outstanding claims for services still to be rendered.

70. A Certified Trefuly Coach shall fulfill all the obligations towards his or her employees in accordance with the law, the Collective Agreement and the Employment Contract.


71. A certified coach is entitled to a fee for his or her work according to a fee schedule for coaching services. 

72. If a client offers the coach a fee higher than the one established in the fee schedule, and the coach has not in any way encouraged such an offer, he or she is allowed to accept it, under the condition that it is not in evident disproportion to the rendered service, to the outcome of his or her service and the financial condition of the client.

73. A Certified Trefuly Coach shall have the right to ask for the payment of accrued expenses. If the client does not deposit the money for the coverage of such expenses, the coach may refuse to continue advising the client.

74. The Certified Trefuly Coach shall have the right to receive a deposit and or non-refundable retainer  for his or her fees.

75. A Certified Trefuly Coach who has not been paid his or her fees shall have the right to refuse to return the client’s original documents kept on file.  

76.A Certified Coach, at the client’s request and expense, may make a copy of all the submissions he or she has written for the same client.

77. An agreement on the fee for rendering coaching services shall be made between the coach and the client and shall be agreed to before advisory services commence.  The fees will be in accordance with the fee schedule implemented annually by Trefuly and which shall be used by Trefuly Coaches.

78. A lump sum may not be established in the contract regarding advisory services as it may violate the Trefuly Fee schedule established for Certified Coaches.  

79. A Certified Trefuly Coach shall provide each client with a specified statement of costs and at the end of each fiscal year, provide each client with a statement of services rendered.

80. A Certified Trefuly Coach intending to sue his or her client for the costs and the fee owed shall send a written reminder first to the client.


81. The Code shall enter into force this 16th day of February 2020.

Trefuly Code of Ethics 20-L4